North Creek Big Kats

Our primary loudspeakers are a beautiful pair of North Creek Big Kat tower loudspeakers designed by George Short (, with exquisite cabinets handcrafted by LANDECA of Victoria, British Columbia. Our prior loudspeakers were the North Creek Eska towers.

I have always been bemused by the apparently ubiquitous loudspeaker design which requires loudspeakers to be 1+ metres from the back wall. For many homes in the real world, this is unacceptable to our partners, not mindful of our children, and often simply not possible due to the size of common music listening rooms. After much research into designs that can accommodate a near-wall placement, somehow I discovered North Creek, and I have never looked back.

North Creek has absolutely world class components (I have 8 gauge coils in my Big Kats), great design (both cabinet and crossover), and moreover they are extremely easy to integrate into the home. The sound of the Big Kats is extremely clear and even, with exceptional reproduction of articulation. Micro-dynamics are reproduced with ease, and the soundstage is wide and deep. Completely full range, the bottom of the orchestra and organ pedals are conveyed with authority and complete control (this was my principal complaint about the Eskas). Lovely loudspeakers and an absolute joy.

Very highly recommended.

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