Neat Iota

Neat Acoustics is a long-standing and accomplished British loudspeaker manufacturer.  The Iota is very small speaker designed to be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall using brackets.  Unusually, the ribbon tweeter and small custom mid/bass driver loudspeaker is intended to be oriented horizontally, either tweeter placed outside from centre (wider soundstage) or inside (more focused imaging).  Our pair is a beautiful zinc yellow.

The Iota's sound is remarkably full and even, with spectacular imaging.  Surprisingly perhaps, the bass response is excellent considering the size of the speaker: only the very bottom octave is missing, and this is only noticeable in some very particular repertoire like organ pedals (physics still applies here of course, and the speakers are indeed very small).  Otherwise, the response is extremely even, with excellent detail and clarity. Considering everything, the sound is frankly astonishing, and its small footprint and weight facilitates placement in a wide variety of domestic locations.  We have mounted ours in the kitchen facing our table (tweeter to the outside), and we absolutely love it.


(photo courtesy of Neat)

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