Bel Canto C5i

Bel Canto is a boutique audio company based in Minneapolis specializing in class D amplifiers and advanced technology source components.  Included in the Bel Canto portfolio is an integrated amp with DAC containing a versatile assortment of (mostly digital) inputs named the C5i. I employ the C5i in my secondary systems where the excellent sound is complemented by the relatively small physical footprint and excellent power efficiency.

The sound profile of the C5i is outstanding clarity combined with a very low noise floor. In fact,  I have come to think of them as outstandingly neutral, and not in the normally implied pejorative sense.

On to practical matters, the volume is easy to adjust in very small increments using the remote or the jog wheel, making it easy to integrate into any room or vary according to source changes throughout the day (from internet programming to local playlists).  And, the low power requirement means that the units may be left on permanently with less guilt.

I post no specific listening notes due to the difficulty of evaluation of our secondary system where the rooms and speaker placement present significant challenges.  Contact me if you have a specific question.

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