Audial D-09 DAC

UPDATE: As of 2011, I replaced the D-09 with Audial's reference DAC, the Model S. The D-09 was discontinued in March 2012.


I feel fortunate to have discovered Audial (, a Belgrade-based company owned and operated by Pedja Rogic, the maker of our digital to analog converter.  In a world of hard and brittle DACs, the sound of the D-09 is refreshingly natural, musical, and convincing: everything sounds right. When forced to be more specific, descriptions include having a liquid midrange, an extended but natural-sounding bass register, and profoundly enjoyable clarity of timbre. I especially enjoy the extraordinary tonal reproduction.

We have found the Audial D-09 to be musically satisfying over long, extended listening. Ultimately, this is what audio gear is for: listening to and enjoying music. We really like it.

Soon after I initially installed the D-09, I played it for a good friend who sings with us regularly and has very good ears. I didn't tell him anything: I just sat him down and played a Rubenstein Chopin recording that he knows and has heard many times at my home. All he said was "Wow. That sounds fabulous!"

And when listening to blind comparisons with my Naim CD-5i (non-italic) CD player, my son invariably picked the Audial, and always sang along with it. High praise.

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